Police warn of scam involving prepaid money cards

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Muscatine Police say they’ve received several complaints after someone posing as a Publishers Clearing House worker tries to get money using a prepaid cash card.

Someone who says they work for Publishers Clearing House contacts a potential victim and says the victim has won a large sum of money.

The victim is instructed to buy a Green Dot Money Pak card at Wal-mart, and call the “employee” back for further instructions to collect their winnings.

The scammer really just wants the numbers from the card, which gives them immediate access to the cash.  

Muscatine, Iowa Police say they’ve received multiple reports from residents in their area complaining about this scam. 

“Local residents should be aware and not give any information to these people and if contacted, hang up the phone immediately,” said Lt. Jeff Jirak of the Muscatine Police Department.

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