Man fined for Christmas lights on truck

Police issued a citation that will cost one driver $274 because he has hundreds of Christmas lights on his truck.

David Hill of Wichita, Kansas reportedly spent 16 hours decorating his truck with about 900 Christmas lights.   He used a generator in the bed of the truck to power the light display.

The Hays Post said police called the truck a safety hazard, saying other drivers could be distracted by the lights or mistake the truck for an emergency vehicle.

Hill said he planned to keep the lights despite the fine.  He said he hoped any publicity he gets would bring attention to his charity, “One Spark Can Start a Fire.” 

Hill started One Spark after he met a waitress.  At first they were both unkind to each other, but later had a more civil conversation.  Hill thanked the waitress for the conversation and left her a huge tip and a nice note.  In turn, she sent him a gift – the bullet with which she intended to end her life.   

That inspired his charity.

“Our Mission here at One Spark is to change the world one Spark at a time by encouraging random acts of kindness,” says One Spark’s Facebook page.

“If everyone would commit to doing just one Spark a day, imagine how we could change the world!” his website says.


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