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Snow Removal Companies Hope for a Snowy Winter

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No snow has hit the ground yet and that has snow removal companies wondering if and when they’ll be in business again.

"I'm a little disappointed but you know what, I've been doing it now for so many years that you get use to it,” says Ryan Iossi, owner of RC Iossi Snow Removal.

Snow removal companies got their hopes up on Sunday, after there was talk of possible snow. A warm start to this winter has Ryan not optimistic.

"When the season started you know I was kind of nervous is probably a good word we've been expecting that we're not going to probably have as good of winter as we normally have,” says Ryan.

Even though no snow has hit the ground, Ryan says his company started preparing in the summer time, "Working on equipment, making sure that all the trucks are ready, plows are ready."

Last year’s mild winter was tough on his business, "It's definitely challenging, especially my company we strictly do snow removal up until this last season, so that revenue loss is huge for us."

It’s also hard for his employees to learn how to do the job when there’s no job to be done, “They get use to how that jobs supposed to be done, how it's supposed to be plowed so when you only have that job being plowed 3 or 4 times like last winter, they don't get as proficient on it."

 Unpredictable weather comes with the territory though.

"It's the nature of the beast when you're dealing with mother nature, it's hard to predict how much snow you're going to have or how many events you're going to have so when you go into that you just kind of have to take the good with the bad,” says Iossi.

So he’ll take as much snow as he can get, "I certainly don't want a season like last year. If we get more than that that would be great but uh just enough to use the equipment, enough to produce a little bit of revenue."