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Davenport Schools sets out elementary drafts

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DAVENPORT - Davenport Community Schools set out its proposed elementary school boundaries Monday night.

The school district had its board meeting Monday night where it discussed the new possibilities. Washington Elementary is one of three elementary schools in the district at maximum capacity.

"If Washington is 100 percent full, and those other schools aren't, what's happening at those other schools?" Davenport resident Kathy Ortiz said.

Elementary schools like Blue Grass, Buffalo, and Buchanan are less than 70 percent full. Ideally, the school district would like to have each school at about 80% capacity. Most notably, the school district drafted a boundary line of Eastern Avenue to divide Garfield and Eisenhower Elementary Schools. Eastern Avenue would also divide Washington and McKinley Elementary Schools south of Eisenhower and Garfield.

Parents like Mia Carr are against the school district changing the boundaries though. Changing the boundaries at the high school level could put an end to open enrollment. Students at Davenport Community Schools can choose whichever high school they want to because of open enrollment. It is based on school preference instead of a student's address. 

"Young freshman boys and girls will be going into an unfamiliar high school," school parent Mia Carr said. "They won't know the same group of friends that they've gone to school with for nine years. Those friends won't be there for their support."

The school district does plan to have 6-8 public meetings starting in January. Those will focus on the high school boundary lines and whether to carry out open enrollment. The school district has not yet put its elementary school boundary drafts on its website.