Waitress told she’s too heavy to work

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A woman who had just started a new job as a waitress says her employment lasted less than an hour before she was sent home because she was overweight.

Amber Smith of Archie, Missouri said she had been out of work since September.  When a friend called and asked her if she was still looking for work, Smith jumped at the chance to work as a restaurant waitress.

Less than an hour into her training, the same friend that offered her the job told Amber she had to go home.  The friend said managers decided Smith was “too heavy” to work there.

Smith said she was embarrassed and frustrated because she could “still do the work.”

She now says it’s important that other people get the same comforting message her husband sent her after the restaurant sent her home. 

“I got a text message from my husband yesterday that said, ‘Don’t worry what other people say, you’re perfect to me.’”