Crundwell auction sees 250,000 visitors

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DIXON - Bidding numbers ended on a high note Friday for former Dixon Comptroller Rita Crundwell's Englewood, Florida belongings.

The U.S. Marshall's Office says it sold $94,975 worth of assets inside of her Florida home. Dixon High School even cooperated with the bidding process. It gave up its computer lab Friday night to anybody who wanted to learn how to bid in the auction. Unfortunately, nobody showed up, but it did allow the school district workers to look at some of the auction items themselves.

"If you're into guns and cowhides, this is the auction to be at," Dixon school district employee Valerie Boss said. "Only a certain type of person would buy some of these things."

The U.S. Marshall's Service along with Professional Auction Services is selling about 1,000 of Crundwell's items online that were inside her three homes. A five-light revolver chandelier, along with a matching cowhide table and chair were just three of the things on the auction block Friday.

"I would certainly categorize this as a bidding frenzy," U.S. Marshall Chief Inspector Jason Wojdylo said. "There are people who want a piece of this. Perhaps they were not interested or could not afford to buy one of the horses, but they could afford one of the pieces of personal property."

Crundwell's online auction had more than 250,000 visitors as of 5 p.m. Friday. The auction for Crundwell items inside of her two Dixon homes continues until 1 p.m. Saturday. For more information on that auction, click here.

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