LeClaire to try fixing more sinkholes

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LECLAIRE - The LeClaire City Council passed a resolution Monday night to add more funding for its mudjacking project at "The Bluffs" neighborhood.

Neighbors say sink holes in the ground underneath Eighth Street have caused cracks along the street. Residents say that rain water is washing away the soil underneath the street. That is causing the ground there to drop and then crack.

"So when you're walking at night, and you're not aware of it, you'll trip and fall," LeClaire resident Amy Venzke said. "There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood, and they spend a lot of time outside, and they cross between the yards all the time."

The city has already closed Eighth Street to "local traffic" only. Midwest Mudjacking has already started filling in the road on Eighth Street, but it has more work to do in the neighborhood. The residents there say they are concerned about falling into a sink hole.

"There was one that was five feet deep," LeClaire resident Kim Gasaway said of one sink hole. "I'm 5' 9'', so I would hate to fall into that one."

Monday, the LeClaire City Council approved paying Midwest Mudjacking $130,000 for its "Emergency Mudjacking Project." Mudjacking fills the ground with dirt and sand where the soil has already eroded away. The mudjacking is a temporary fix to the neighborhood problems though.

"This mudjacking could erode away just like what has happened up to this point," LeClaire Mayor Bob Scannell said. "So it's not going to change the overall problem."

The city says it will hire a geologist to decide just how bad the sinkholes are. The city says it may have to rip up entire streets to find out just how bad the problem is. The city won't decide on that kind of construction until at least March of next year.

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