Worker fired for pointing gun at robber

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YORK COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – A Virginia store clerk says he lost his job after pointing a gun at a suspected thief. The “fake-beard bandit” has hit more than 30 businesses in Hampton Roads, according to a report on

This week, the suspect walked into an AutoZone in York County.

“I was in fear of my life as soon as he walked through the door and I see the gun,” former Auto Zone employee Devin McClean told “I waited for him to go up toward the front, I ran out of the restroom, ran out to my truck where I keep my own personal weapon, grabbed my weapon, came back into the store and confronted the guy.”

McClean said the suspect threw his hands up and then ran.

Two days after the incident, Devin said he was fired. AutoZone told the company has a zero tolerance policy for employees having weapons inside the store.