Failed hotel robbery attempt ends with 3 arrested

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Two men and a woman were arrested after their alleged scheme to rob a Davenport hotel failed.

Davenport Police said Michael Smith, 48, drove Ronald Hanchett Jr., 21 and Stacey O’Hara, 33, to the Quad-City Inn at 6111 Brady Street.  The plan was for Hanchett and O’Hara to rob the hotel.

When the hotel clerk refused their demand for money, Hanchett and O’Hara left empty handed. 

Police think they went straight to the Rina Mart convenience store at 3815 West Kimberly Road.  Burglar alarms were set off in the store at 2:52 a.m. Thursday, November 29, 2012.

The three allegedly broke a glass door through which they got into the store.   They are accused of taking lottery tickets and cartons of cigarettes from the store.

Police said they found the stolen items at a home Smith and Hanchett share on Clark Street.

All three suspects were charged with felony first-degree robbery, felony conspiracy and misdemeanor third-degree burglary. 

Stacey O’Hara was also charged with assault on a police officer.  She also had an outstanding warrant for her arrest issued in September in Jackson County.    

All three were held in the Scott County Jail.

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