Local businesses see Cyber Monday effects

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DAVENPORT - Sculpture business Isabel Bloom says it saw an increased amount of sales this Cyber Monday compared to last year.

The company says it sold about 35 pieces on-line in 2011 during Cyber Monday. This year, it sold close to 80.

"There are 43 orders that we haven't processed," Co-Owner Cathy Nevins said late Monday afternoon.

Isabel Bloom sold one of its rabbits for half-off Monday as part of its sale. The sale has kept some of its factory workers working 10 hour days this holiday season.

"It gets a little more hectic with the holidays coming up," painter Lynn Perez said. "It's one of our busiest times, so, we do push out a little more product than normal."

The package makers inside the factory will also be busy Tuesday because of Monday's sale. It usually takes the workers about a day to process an order. Therefore, they will package all the Cyber Monday orders on Tuesday.

"We'll probably see 75 orders tomorrow or so," shipper Rik Conant said. "The next step would be to label it and then ship it out."

The company says it has done more email advertising this year than they have in the past. Online shipping is said to be up 16% from where it was last year because of downloads done on the computer and mobile devices.