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QC Businesses Benefit From Small Business Saturday

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On Black Friday, it was Target, Toys 'R Us, and Best Buy. But the "best buys" on Small Business Saturday, which took place on November 24th, came from small, local stores and shops throughout the Quad Cities.

Small Business Saturday was created to encourage customers to support locally-owned businesses.Some owners say they don't see a lot of customers on Black Friday, but many say they saw a lot of customers come into their stores on Saturday because they heard about Small Business Saturday.

"I think it's great. Sometimes it's difficult to compete with the big boxes and regular retailers,” says Joy Murphy, owner of Aunt Joy’s Personalized Christmas Stockings.

Aunt Joy’s has been in business for 18 years. The only difference between it and other small businesses is that is operated out of Joy‘s home, making it even harder for customers to know about it.

  "For any small business especially if you're working out of your home it's to get the customer to know you're there. There's not a store front when they're driving by,” says Joy.

 Dot’s Pots in Moline, also runs their business out of a home. They say Small Business Saturday has helped their business.

 “We’ve gotten a lot of people in today that have never been in before, that just came in because they're supporting the local business,” says Dot’s Pots owner, Dorothy Beach.

 It is estimated that $68 dollars out of $100 spent shopping locally goes back into the community. This is one reason that customers should stop at mom and pops shops.

 "It gives my customers the opportunity to come and buy something that's made in the USA,” says Joy.

  "You get the things you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else,” says Dorothy