Thanksgiving Day One of the Busiest for Travelers

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Airports and rest stops were filled with people traveling to see family. Many of them left the day before Thanksgiving hope to beating traffic.

 Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days for travelers.  Many families like Bob Stetter’s left early to avoid traffic.

“I try to avoid the craziness, like we're going back Friday night instead of Sunday,” says Stetter.

They arrived in the Quad Cities the day before Thanksgiving. They flew from Massachusetts and drove from Chicago. They’re not the only ones who got a head start on traveling.

“It got busy in Des Moines and that was about 8:30 or so yah we're hoping to beat the late afternoon rush,” says Jake Warman, who left Kansas City at 5:30 this morning.

Skip Herrea is traveling to Indiana on Thanksgiving Day. He says he’s not looking forward to it, “I think it's going to be pretty tough because I think a lot of people will be traveling."

He’s hoping the weather stays nice, “I looked at the weather, looks like it's going to be really nice over the next couple days."

The weather didn’t cooperate for everyone; early flights this morning at Quad City International Airport in Moline were canceled due to fog.

"I planned on getting on a plane and going to Dallas, Fort Worth and then Fresno, California, because of the fog it got canceled,” says Leeann Halotor.

With Thanksgiving Day being one of the busiest, there’s also an increased chance of accidents. Police are urging motorists to drive safely.

"People have choices every time they're driving, they have to make the right choices the right decisions to make it safe not only for themselves but the other people traveling,” says Lieutenant Robert Atherton, Illinois State Police.