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Tree Farms, Nurseries Prep & Prune For Busy Weekend

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They're sprucing up spruces, fluffing up firs, tying trunks, and weaving wreaths.

"This weekend is a big weekend," says Rick Wyffels, Owner of Wyffels Christmas Tree Farm, 3319 North Shore Drive, Moline.

Rick says despite this year's drought drying out 900 of their newly planted trees, there's plenty of older, more mature ones ready for chopping.

"It won't bother our sales this year," says Rick. "It probably won't bother our sales for the next three years, because those trees we planted this year would not be mature enough to sell probably for six more years, so it's really down the road that we would get hurt."

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Christmas tree purchases have fallen since 2005. However, Rick says that's not the case at Wyffels.

"The majority of people who have grown up buying a real Christmas tree as a kid usually buy a real Christmas tree when they become adults," says Rick.

It's the same case at Corn Crib Nursery, 6924 U.S. 150, Coal Valley.

"I sold a tree this afternoon to a guy who had an artificial tree," says Owner Duane White. "He just wanted that smell in the house and that old fashioned Christmas look."

Duane says Corn Crib has 150 trees for sale and he expects every one of them to sell.

"These trees come from Upper Iowa almost to Minnesota, so they're basically locally-grown and very nice, very fresh."

Both Corn Crib and Wyffels will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:

Wyffels: Friday, 9-6; Saturday & Sunday, 9-5

Corn Crib: Friday & Saturday, 8-5; Sunday, 10-4