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Beauty shop relieved it survived nearby fire

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Weeks leading into the holidays are especially busy for hair salons like Hair Company in downtown Monmouth.

So, when hairdresser Krista VanSkike heard what was going on at neighboring Danny's Tap Sunday morning, she rushed over to check it out.

"I was here three hours, wondering if we were going to go or not," said VanSkike.

Still photos show the massive flames.

The “after video” includes images of what's left of the bar, which has been around for 40 years. 

The scene is now full of broken glass, charred wood and police tape.

Surrounding businesses, including the salon and a tobacco shop are all under the same roof and the concern was that the fire would spread.

"There were firewalls and they (firefighters) kept spraying water on the roof and stuff," she said.

Krista's especially thankful to utility company Ameren, the City of Monmouth and volunteers who helped to restore power so she wouldn't have to delay business before the holidays.

While she's breathing a sigh of relief today, Krista knows just how bad things could have turned out for the salon.

"We used to be down on the corner, which was part of Danny's bar and it's all burnt out. We used to be down there."

She says if Danny's rebuilds, it will only help her business.

"We've had a tobacco store open up and a restaurant open back there, resale shops, and the Strom Center. Yeah, I think it helps all of us, to get more people in this area."

While he didn't want to go on camera, one of the bar's co-owners told us they have insurance.

Monmouth Fire Dept. Chief Casey Rexroat, says it could be a while before we know the cause of the fire because it's too dangerous to send crews inside the burnt-out building right now.