53rd Street construction almost done

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DAVENPORT - The Iowa Department of Transportation says that construction on 53rd Street will be completely done on Tuesday, November 20th.

Just one lane of traffic was blocked off westbound on Thursday. The construction nearing an end is certainly good news for the businesses on 53rd Street.

"We had a slow down for the last couple of months with all the construction," Mimzi family owner George Elliott said. "The seasonal traffic is starting to come back. We're starting to notice an increase and pick up in business."

The Iowa Department of Transportation says that the painting of the I-74 Bridge is behind schedule though. Crews were supposed to finish painting by the end of the year, but IDOT Engineer Mark Brandl does not believe that will happen.

Brandl also says that construction on the first four miles of I-280 on the Iowa side could still be going on by Thanksgiving. He does believe the northern four miles of I-280 will be completed though by Thanksgiving.

As for River Drive, Davenport says crews will open up the two north lanes from Mound Street to Oneida with one lane of traffic flowing in each direction Saturday. The city says crews should open the two south lanes of traffic from Mound Street to Oneida on Monday.