Dixon Reacts to Crundwell’s Plea

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While former Comptroller Rita Crundwell was pleading guilty in federal court, the city of Dixon was rejoicing. Residents are still angry but say this is a step in the right direction.

"I think the guilty plea was a good thing not to have to go through a trial and cost the tax payers more money,” says Dixon Resident Diane Schnake.

Residents weren’t the only ones who were happy, “Well I think that's good news for the city, if she would have went with a not guilty plea, carry on with that this whole thing could have dragged on for lord only know how long,” Dixon Mayor, Jim Burke says.

Residents say they’re just ready for it to be over with," I'm glad that something is starting to happen. It's been a while and I think everybody is just anxious,” says Nancy McClain.

Despite the fact that Crundwell’s belongings are being auctioned off, many residents feel it won’t be enough to pay back all she took.

"Well I would like to see the money but I know that's impractical and is never going to happen,” says McClain.

Dixon’s mayor says people are a little nervous about Crundwell with her pleading guilty.

"With all of her cooperation, she's going to get off with a light sentence, I think that's one of the big concerns with people,” says Mayor Burke.

Residents hope justice is served, " I think ultimately think that she should do some time and not just get away with a slap on the wrist."

The city of Dixon is just ready to put this behind them, "Maybe things can heal in this town and we can all move on,” says Schnake.