King’s Harvest in Desperate Need for Volunteers

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The cold winter months makes for high traffic at our local homeless shelters, which means the shelters are in desperate need for volunteers.

King’s Harvest on 824 West 3rd Street in Davenport is looking for new volunteers to help at their shelter.  Starting December 1st to about mid April, King’s Harvest opens up a second floor of rooms to help keep the homeless in our area off the streets during the winter.  They are in great need for volunteers to help with the check in process from 8:45-10:30pm each night as well as overnights.

Last winter, the seasonal shelter provided housing for nearly 200 homeless in our area, and about 60 people per night.  They have a family shelter that is year round also.

Along with volunteers, the need for donations and food is increased as well in the winter. 

For more information, you can call Chris Dunn at 309-790-3776 or visit