Woman loses job, gets investigated for Facebook post about Obama

A 22-year-old California woman might regret her recent Facebook post following the re-election of President Barack Obama.

That is, if she understood why it might be a problem.

Denise Helms posted a comment that included a racial slur and talk of assassination.

The comment went viral and Helms is taking some heat for the words she chose.  Heat that included losing her job at Cold Stone Creamery.

“I don’t understand what I did wrong,” Helms said.

“The assassination part is kind of harsh. I’m not saying, like, I would go do that or anything like that, by any means, but if it was to happen, I don’t think I’d care one bit.”

A Secret Service agent in Sacramento said he would be investigating the post and Helms’ remarks made to a television crew there.

Helms has reportedly deactivated her Facebook account.


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