Morrison residents talk new speed limit

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MORRISON - Residents weighed in with both positive and negative thoughts Monday after the city announced it will start enforcing a city-wide speed limit of just 25 miles per hour.

"As a mother, I'm okay with it," one Morrison resident said Monday. "My kids play with their friends. They cross the street by themselves. I know cars don't always look for kids."

The city said it is dropping the speed limit down from 30 miles per hour to 25 after a study it did this summer called Operation Safe Passage. It found that Morrison school children getting off of school buses and walking home from school needed a safer street system.
The city refutes any claims that it is doing this to make extra money. Nonetheless, some residents are still skeptical.

"It just seems pretty unnecessary all the way around," resident Tyler Van Zeiven said. "If I had to guess, the city's probably looking for more money, trying to pull more people over to get more revenue."

Morrison will start enforcing the new speed limit system on December 1st. But there are a few streets in town with an exception to the 25 mile per hour rule. To see the exceptions, click here.

The citation for a speeding ticket in town is $50. That citation amount will stay the same. The city says it will only have to change about 10 speed limits signs in the city to the 25 mile per hour limit.