Local Festival Kicks Off Anti-Bullying Campaign

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October might be over with but the Quad Cities are still making an effort to put a stop to bullies.

“It’s certainly an issue that's getting a lot of attention not only in the quad cities but nationwide,” says Kim Riley-Quinn, program coordinator for QC United.

QC United held its annual Unity Fest International on Nov.12, 2012 and that’s exactly what they did, celebrated unity.

 "Bringing all different cultures together we're really sending a message to kids and adults,” says Riley-Quinn.

One parent says teaching them while they’re still young is important, "Tolerance is really a lesson that you should teach from the youngest of ages."

Ethnic performances were held, representing unity and showing that everyone brings something unique to the table.

 "Rather than feeling awkward or shy about maybe being different from somebody else, everybody is accepted,” says Jeff Cornelius, who attended the festival with his kids.

He is worried for his kids when they get older, "We're raising our kids bilingual and they have their own challenges you know, different times when they're out speaking Spanish or speaking English they may get others that look at them differently."

Bullying hasn’t increase, but how it’s done today is different, through social media sites.

 "It's easier to be mean and nasty to somebody and not do it face to face,” says Riley-Quinn.

She hopes everyone walks away with her message, "It's about celebrating everybody and appreciating everybody and just really enjoying what we all share together."