Cheri Bustos Says Campaign Resonated with Voters

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MOLINE, Illinois - Newly elected Congresswoman Cheri Bustos says the mandate she received from Tuesday's election is that her campaign had "a message people could relate to", one that resonated with the Middle Class.

Bustos defeated freshman Congressman Bobby Schilling 53% to 47% in western Illinois' 17th Congressional District.  Schilling had ended a two decade long Democrat rule of the district in 2010 but lost after the lines were redrawn in reapportionment after the Census.

Congresswoman-elect Bustos says she's heard from constituents that they want an end to political gridlock.

 "People want to make sure the next person in Congress is going to do something to put an end to gridlock in Washington".

Rep. Schilling has already pledged to make the transition smooth for his Democratic opponent.

"We talked last night (Tuesday night) and we had a very nice conversation," says Bustos.

She says she congratulated the Schilling camp for running a vigorous campaign.

Bustos says she traveled widely in the 14-county 17th District, putting 1200 miles on her campaign vehicle in the three days leading to Tuesday's vote.

She says the economy and job creation is still their biggest concern.