Sheley guilty on all counts

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A Whiteside County, Illinois jury found Nicholas Sheley guilty on all counts for the murder of a Sterling man.

The Tuesday, November 6, 2012 verdict followed prosecutors’ closing statements given earlier that day.  Prosecutors reiterated to thejury the key pieces of evidence that they said leaves no doubt that Sheley killed 93-year-old Russel Reed in June 2008.

Reed was described as a caring man of whom Sheley took advantage.  Reed’s blood was found on Sheley’s clothing and Sheley’s DNA was found in Reed’s home and car.

The defense attorney followed with closing statements that questioned the credibility of witnesses who testified in the trial.

The jury deliberated for about two hours before reaching its verdict.

Sentencing will happen at a later date.

Sheley is currently serving a life-in-prison sentence after he was convicted in September 2011 for killing Ronald Randall of Galesburg, Illinois. 

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