Parties work to get out the vote in Illinois

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With just one day to go until election day, spirits remain high on both sides of the ticket. 

For both Republicans and Democrats in Rock Island County, Monday meant a final push to get voters to the polls. At Cheri Bustos' campaign office, volunteers won't stop making phone calls until 7 p.m. Tuesday, when polls close.

"We've got a large amount of volunteers who have really pitched in here at the final stages of the campaign, the get out the vote phase, where it's our job to contact all of our supporters and make sure they remember to turn out and vote," said Bustos campaign manager Allison Jaslow.

Local Republicans gathered Monday morning at Elliott Aviation in Milan, Illinois, with visiting party representatives. They hope to ride a wave of enthusiasm that led the historically Democratic area to show signs of red in 2010.

"When I look at other regional markets such as the Quad Cities, Peoria, Rockford and so forth, I sense a great deal of energy, and a lot of it is driven by Mitt Romney and the local candidates," said Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford.

Members of both parties, though, stressed the importance of getting to the polls.

"My first race for Senate I won by 82 votes. That is less than one vote a precinct. So when you're ready to pack it in, don't forget: one more doorbell, one more call, could be the difference," said Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno.

In Illinois, polls open Tuesday at 6 a.m. and stay open until 7 p.m.