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Campaigns make final push in Iowa

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With just hours to go until the polls open, the presidential race is about as close as it can get in Iowa. The latest poll from Real Clear Politics has Obama leading Romney by 2.4 points in the battleground state.

"Iowa could make the difference," said volunteer Don Wagschal from the Davenport Democratic headquarters.

And as the clock winds down, there's no sign of weariness in the Hawkeye state.

"Many of our volunteers have been here since June, calling and door knocking. People are not tired at all; they really want to work hard to do whatever they can to defeat Obama and elect Governor Romney tomorrow," said Scott County Republican Chairwoman Judy Davidson.

Iowa has six electoral votes up for grabs, and at Davenport's Democratic headquarters, volunteers were still pouring in on Monday to make calls and be trained for canvassing.

"We realize that it's just about even steven, so we're bearing down for the final push and looking forward to celebrating tomorrow," said Wagschal.

At the Scott County Republican headquarters, volunteers spent Monday pulling out all the stops as well. Olympians, congressmen, and even the Republican National Committee chairman came by.

And although they differ on outcome predictions, there's one thing both parties in Iowa agree on -- that this election could go down to the wire.

"If you may think 'My vote doesn't matter,' or 'It may be a little inconvenient to go out tomorrow,' please do not think that. Every vote does matter, every call counts, every door knock, every person, every vote counts," said Davidson.

Iowa polls are open Tuesday from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m.