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Campaign Volunteer Efforts Continue After Voting

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With only two days until Election Day local campaign offices are busy, but for most volunteers their efforts don’t stop even if they have already voted.

Volunteers at both the Scott County Democratic Office and Scott County Republican Office were busy making phone calls, going door to door and trying to get the word out about Tuesday’s election. They say these last couple days are crucial. Most of the volunteers have already voted but they say it’s not enough.

"I just feel it’s one way I can kind of give back. I know it's an election and some may think 'oh it's politics', but you know politics are important,” says Rasler.

There are still people that are undecided or have decided not to vote, so both offices say it’s important to have volunteers to get those people to the polls.

Rasler says another reason it’s important to volunteer is a lot of people aren’t aware that Election Day is Tuesday. He says he thinks they’re getting confused with the date because of early voting.

With this election where the candidates are neck and neck in polls, every vote counts.