Romney Visits Dubuque On Final Super Saturday

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Both Presidential Barack Obama AND Republican Challenger Mitt Romney made last-minute campaign stops in Dubuque, Iowa on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012.

Romney began the day in New Hampshire and ended it in Colorado, but in between, he spoke to around 2,000 supporters at the Dubuque Regional Airport.

"You have some neighbors who haven't made up their minds yet," said Romney. "So I want to make sure that I give you all the arguments you need to convince some of them to come over and vote for our team."

Romney outlined his five-point plan, focusing on energy independence and championing small businesses.

"I have a clear an unequivocal message and that is - America is about to come roaring back," said Romney.

The economy is an issue that's close to Christy Dahlman's heart, one of hundreds at today's event.

"We got to get jobs," says Dahlman. "My husband's been out of work for six years, underemployed, unemployed... We got to do something about jobs, so it was to good to hear that he knows how to create jobs."

Romney stressed the "how" is working across party lines.

"I got elected in a state where there are a few Democrats -- Massachusetts," said Romney sarcastically. "My legislature was 85% Democrat and instead of attacking each other, we went to work to try to solve our problems."

According to the latest poll from, President Obama leads Romney by two points in Iowa. But Romney says he's confident he will win the battleground state.

"We're counting on your clear eyes, and your full hearts, because with the vote of the people of Iowa, we can't lose."