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Obama Rallies in Dubuque

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President Barack Obama went back to where he started four years ago, Dubuque, Iowa. Obama’s rally took place at Washington Park and by 3pm supporters started gathering on the lawn.

“I’m just very excited that he's back in Dubuque Iowa, small town Iowa, but I think we represent main stream America,” says supporter, Joy Bode.

By four o’clock several speakers took to the podium and then John Mellencamp took to the stage to keep the crowd’s spirit up. After standing for a few hours, the moment everyone was waiting for, finally came, the President arrived.

Supporter Christopher Bode says the President talked about a lot of important issues, "He addressed health care, and he addressed education, paying down the debt and money we’re going to save not being in the wars anymore.”

For Christopher, it wasn’t his first time seeing the President, "We did get to see him in 2008 in Des Moines, but there are so many people here. He was just a little speck at that time. This is so awesome to see him up close.

The President’s speech may have only lasted 20 minutes but it left a positive impact on the crowd. Despite the wait and the weather, supporters say they’re glad they came.

"It was a long wait, it was chilly but yeah it was very much worth it,” says Joy.

Christopher believes Iowa will help keep Obama’s seat in the White House, “Iowa is going to carry him to that white house, we are."

On Monday, No. 6, 2012, the President will be back in Iowa, in Des Moines, with the first lady and Bruce Springsteen.