Expert: Undecided Voters Still Matter

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DUBUQUE - Augustana Communications Professor Stephen Klien says that both campaigns will focus on the undecided voters in Dubuque Saturday.

Governor Mitt Romney will hold a campaign event around 12:30 p.m. Saturday at the Dubuque Regional Airport. President Barack Obama will hold an event at Washington Park in Dubuque about four hours later.

"I don't know who to pick." Muscatine resident Bill Jordan said. "I'm undecided."

Jordan says he won't travel to Dubuque Saturday for either campaign. It could be his last chance to see the candidates in person before the general election.

"I think it matters a great deal that they're coming," Klien said. "The kind of public appearance that the candidates are making in Dubuque is certainly going to get that media coverage that's going to connect to our undecided voters."

According to Klien, 95% of likely voters have already decided who to vote for. That means political stops this late in the season are more for rallying your base to get locals to sway those undecided.

"Those are the folks that are going to volunteer their time to knocking on doors, and doing the 'get out the vote' effort," Klien said.

Klien says that most undecided voters are now focusing on a candidate's character instead of their policies. Klien says if a person was focusing on a candidate's policies, they would have made a decision by now.