New video tour of Crundwell house: Top-of-the-line kitchen, bedroom suite, custom bathroom

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More of Rita Crundwell's real estate and belongings are set to go on the auction block soon to try and recoup some of the $53 million  missing from the city of Dixon, Illinois.

A new video tour of Crundwell's Dixon, Illinois home was conducted by the Federal Marshal's service this week. It gives another behind-the-scenes look into the former comptroller's lavish lifestyle and expensive taste.  The video was shot by Sauk Valley Media on Monday.

The tour shows a top-of-the line kitchen, a massive bedroom suite with a fireplace, sitting area, upstairs loft office, large walk-in-closet, and a custom bathroom, with horse shoes built into the floor tiles of the shower, paying homage to Crundwell's horse business.

Everything is tagged and ready for auction, including a baby grand piano, antiques, wall art, expensive furniture and western style memorabilia.

The date of the auction has not been set yet, the federal government is hoping to attract collectors from around the country.

The pieces will remain in the home until the sale because the feds don't want taxpayers to have to pay for their storage. Whatever money is made will be held in escrow until the case is over. If Crundwell is convicted or pleads guilty, the money will go to the city of Dixon.

The home is on six acres owned by Crundwell, who made about $80,000 a year salary with the city.

An earlier auction of Crundwell's top show horses and other equestrian-related equipment brought in about six million dollars.

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