Obama volunteers prepare for Davenport rally

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There's plenty of activity at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on Tuesday. It's kind of like a three-ring circus getting ready for this important visit.

"All the excitement that goes on," said Bob Fox, general manager of the fairgrounds. "Everything has to be done in a short period of time. Then, bingo, the gates open. Here we go."

President Obama kicks off the America Forward tour in Davenport on Wednesday. He'll also be making stops in Colorado and Nevada during the two-day tour.

Over at the Fresh Deli, Obama volunteers are preparing for the Davenport event. These ladies will make the most of the campaign stop.

"It just shows how important Iowa is to the electoral process and to voting in the election," said volunteer Cathy Lafrenz.

President Obama knows all about battleground Iowa. He came to the Village of East Davenport in August. That's on the heels of a speech at the Alcoa plant in 2011. There's a fondness for the "Quads," as he calls the area.

Success in the Quad Cities set him on the road to the White House four years ago. Something that's not lost on those planning to attend Wednesday's rally.

"I think they're going to feel such an honor," said volunteer Judy Voss. "That's because we know he's going to be president again for the next four years."

While large events are important, Cathy and Judy represent grassroots work where elections can be won or lost.

They're focusing on neighborhoods and small groups. It's all about spreading the message and getting out the vote at a crucial time.

"It's the one-on-one conversations that are really, really winning this election," Voss said.

Back at the fairgrounds, the show must go on. They'll make it look just right.

"It's good publicity for the fairgrounds," Fox concluded. "It's exciting, keeps the blood and juices flowing."

Crowds and conversations to energize the campaign in the Quad Cities.