Gas prices plunge

Gas pump

Gas pump

Gas prices have fallen more than 20 cents a gallon at some locations in our area and they’re expected to continue to drop.

AAA Iowa reports the average price for a gallon of self-serve regular unleaded gas is $3.57 in the state, and the average in Davenport was $3.59.  Some Iowa communities are closer to $3.20.  

In general, gas prices in the Illinois Quad Cities area were 15 to 20 cents more than in Iowa.

In Illinois, Fairfield had the lowest reported prices in the state with some stations below $3.10 per gallon.  Gas was going for about $3.25 per gallon in the Bloomington/Normal area.

In Iowa, the lowest prices were in the Sioux City area where prices were as low as $3.15 per gallon and averaged about $3.25 per gallon. 

Visitors to at least one Davenport gas station reported $3.39 per gallon for unleaded Tuesday, October 23, 2012.  A Clinton, Iowa gas station reportedly  had gasoline for $3.29 per gallon that same day.

AAA reports the current national average is $3.64 per gallon.  A month ago, the national average was $3.81 per gallon. 

Radio Iowa reports higher supplies and falling crude oil prices mean the price at the pump is likely to continue to drop into November. 

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