Obama supporters brave rain for Wednesday rally tickets

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Dozens of President Obama supporters lined up in the rain on Monday.

"Everybody's raring to go," said Sue Sammon, a Davenport retiree concerned about the future. "We want to vote him in."

Sammon and her husband joined the soggy line to get free tickets to see the president in Davenport on Wednesday. Wearing an '08 Obama shirt, she hopes to recapture the enthusiasm.

"I hope everybody feels the same as they did four years ago," she said.

That's important to Obama supporters outside the Brady Street campaign office. They know that Iowa is a battleground state. This momentum is important leading to election day.

"There are people out here that are still behind him," said Kimberly Steele, a cardiac technician who came to get a ticket.

"I just shows him that we have his back," added Margaret Zimmerman, a nursing instructor from Maquoketa. "We are fired up."

The presidential campaign comes back to the Quad Cities this week. That's as President Obama kicks off his America Forward tour in Davenport.

They're starting to get ready at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. It will be a real homecoming of sorts.

Then-Senator Obama spoke there in 2008. This time, he's returning as president to campaign for a second term.

"It's amazing," said Bob Fox, general manager of the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. "Things start happening very quickly. We found out Friday, so here we are Monday. It's going to happen."

As this long campaign dwindles down to a few precious days, voters like Sammon become even more important. That's as the Obama campaign works to get out the vote.

While Sue signs up for tickets, she has a feeling that history will repeat.

"I'm so proud of President Obama," she concluded. "He's such a good person, a good family man. I love him."

It's affection that's real in the rain for lots of supporters.

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