Family and Friends Hold Vigil for Melissa White

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Its one year today that Melissa White was found dead. Friends and Family held a vigil to remember Melissa and to keep hope alive that justice will be served.

The 39 year old, mother of two died from skull fractures after she was found unconscious in her home. And one year later, it’s still a mystery of who killed her.

"Somebody seen something, had too of, you would think being a small community,” says Melissa’s friend, Chris Brewer.

Chris has been friends with Melissa for more than 20 years. She never thought anything like this would happen in Viola, "You know you move out into a small role community for safety and this is definitely out of the ordinary. We want to make sure this never happens again,”

About 30 of Melissa’s family and friends held a vigil at Miles Memorial Park.

"We're just trying to memorialized Melissa Johnson White and remember that there's still an ongoing investigation,” says Chris.

Chris says it’s hard to begin the grieving process, “For me you can't really lay someone to rest when you don't know exactly what happened or why."

Everyone gathered in a circle and shared memories about Melissa. They talked about how much of a positive impact she had on their lives.

 "She was a free person, she was very kind, very sweet, very beautiful, she always brought a smile into everybody’s life,” says Chris.

They then joined together to sing Amazing Grace and ended the vigil with prayer. Chris says everyone leaving the vigil is hopeful that this case will be put to rest and their lives can move forward.

"We hope somebody will step forward if they have any information what so ever,” says Chris.

No arrest has been made and Melissa’s family and friends are asking if anyone has seen or heard anything at all to please speak up and report it.