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Area Airman Honored 44 Years Later

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An area airman, who went "missing in action" during the Vietnam War, is being remembered in a unique way.

On Saturday, October 20th, his family and friends re-named the Muscatine Highway 61 Bypass to the Douglas King Memorial Expressway in honor of Charles Douglas King.

King was 22 years old when he volunteered for a rescue mission and was never seen again.

His sister, Sherry King, says there will never be closure, because they never found his body, but this dedication comes close.

"This is just absolutely remarkable, absolutely remarkable that the community has come together and to have done this and to give him the credit that he has deserved for so many years," says Sherry.

For his heroism in the rescue attempt, King was awarded the Air Force Cross, which is the nation's second highest award next to the Medal of Honor.