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Unemployment Still High Despite Six Thousand Available Jobs

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The Department of employment security announced Rock Island County alone has six thousand open jobs right now.  But with unemployment still high, many viewers are left wondering why.

“We’re willing to hire someone who has good work history, good attitude,” says Deb Rychekeghem. She is the performance improvement manager at Evan’s Premium Manufacturing. Her job search has become a little easier lately thanks to

 "The site is definitely more user friendly, I think both to the employers and to the job seekers. It's a lot less restrictive than it used to be, you can be really specific when you're looking for someone,” says Rychekeghem.

There are more than 120,000 jobs in Illinois posted on the website, everything from EMT to a youth instructor. With just a few clicks on the mouse people can post their resume in minutes. Websites like Illinois job link help small businesses without an HR department, like Evan’s, find employees.

 Rychekeghem says it’s already worked for her, "We do get a lot of traffic through this website."

 Jay Rowell, the director for The Department of Employment Security says they’ve seen a lot of job openings in Rock Island County, "Just in the Illinois part of the quad cities there are over six thousand jobs currently posted online."

With so many jobs in our area why is unemployment still relatively high? Rychekeghem says she think’s some people aren’t aware of resources available to them.

  “I think that is a big disconnect for people, they don't know where to go,” says Rychekeghem.

That’s a big part of why The Illinois Department of Employment Security revamped its site, to make it as easy as possible for both employees and employers to link up.

 "I think internet is really the way that human resources is going these days,” says Rychekeghem.

The Department of Employment Security hopes more people check the website out.

"We hope that everyone will go home and login to and start looking for that new opportunity,” says Rychekeghem.

Both sites are free for both job seekers and employers to use.

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