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  • Carved Pumpkin 2012 (Courtesy of Michele)

  • Carved Pumpkin 2012 (Courtesy of Michele)

  • Courtesy of Christine

  • Frank in our yard display . This year we have a music/light show to music check out the facebook page : Park street Halloween light show (Courtesy of B.Johnson)

  • Courtesy of Terry Waldron

  • Take that Fechner! Courtesy of Jim Wells

  • Coroner to help decorate - Courtesy of amy geyssens

  • look who is watching you

  • Lightning McQueen - Courtesy of Angela Anderson

  • He-Man & The Masters of the Universe

  • Courtesy of joy

  • The Ives Pumpkin Carving 2012 - Courtesy of Alicia Ives

  • The Pumpkin Gathering- Ives Aledo - Courtesy of Alicia Ives

  • This cop is going to take you down! - Courtesy of Barb

  • The pumpkin I carvered in honor of my volunteer firefighter husband! - Courtesy of Ashley

  • My 6 yr old sons pumpkin

  • Trick or Treat at Black Hawk East - Courtesy of Amanda J.

  • My 3 yr old daughter pumpkin - Courtesy of Ashley

  • Indiana Jones gone Zombie - Courtesy of Stephanie

  • Happy Halloween from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - courtesy of Marlana

  • moo opps i mean BOO - Courtesy of casey

  • YEEHAW - Courtesy of CASEY

  • Clara 7 \"pink flamingo\" - Courtesy of Jessica Kuelper

  • Ethan 12 years - Courtesy of Jessica Kuelper

  • Isabella age 9 - Courtesy of Jessica Kuelper

  • Lucy age 5 - Courtesy of Jessica Kuelper

  • Classic horror movies Live in my Picture Window - Courtesy of The PLR9000 Theatre of Blood

  • ooops

  • Twins, Elyn and Bentley.....The sCaRy Monsters! ;)

  • Co-winner of a United Way competition

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