Residents React to City-Casino Announcement

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Davenport is ready to place another bet.

After the announcement on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 that the city itself wants to buy Rhythm City Casino so it can build a land-based casino, details of the $46 million buyout agreement were discussed by city council on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 before it goes up for a vote at the Wednesday, October 24th meeting.

In 2010, the city signed a development agreement with a private Chicago-based company to buy Rhythm City Casino from its parent company, the Isle of Capri Corporation, and build a land-based casino. However, the deal fell through and now the city wants to do all of it themselves.

"Anytime you can cut out a middle man, you're better off," says Dan Dugan, who visits the area's casinos frequently. He thinks taking Davenport's casino off the river and putting it in downtown is a good idea.

"They're between a rock and a hard place... basically that being the Rock Island casino and the Bettendorf casino," says Dugan. "They have to compete and they got one on both ends."

Others are a little hesitant and want to know a little more before the city signs off on the plans.

"I think the city has done its homework," says Kathryn Bohn. "They've investigated. They've looked into it. My concern is where's it going to be. Is it going to be in downtown, Davenport? Is it going to be out on the Interstate? Where's that going to be and what's that going to cost?"

City leaders made it clear on Wednesday that there will be no use - or raising of - property taxes. And even if Mayor Bill Gluba approves the plan on October 24th, they say there is still a long way to go. However, it's a goal Dugan and Bohn say sounds worthwhile.

"It'll be better," says Dugan. "They'll be more opportunities for entertainment for QC residents."

"When you hear everything, it seems like a great opportunity for the city," says Bohn.

The city is holding public forums in every ward over the next week. Details can be found below. The city is also holding a citywide public forum on Monday, October 22nd at the Adler Theatre, 136 West Third Street, from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

All the information you need to learn more about the plan can be found here.

1st Ward - Thursday, October 18th: Roosevelt Community Center, 1220 Minnie Avenue, 6pm

2nd Ward - Saturday, October 20th: Fairmount Branch Library, 3000 N. Fairmount Street, 10am

3rd Ward - Thursday, October 18th: City Hall Council Chambers, 226 W. 4th Street, 6pm

4th Ward - Tuesday, October 23rd: 4-H Building at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 6pm

5th Ward - Tuesday, October 23rd: City Hall Council Chambers, 226 W. 4th Street, 6pm

6th and 7th Ward - Monday, October 22nd: Adler Health Education Center (located in the lower level of the Genesis Heart Institute), 1236 Rusholme Street, 6pm

8th Ward - Monday, October 22nd: Wood Intermediate School Cafeteria, 5701 N. Division Street, 7pm

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