East Moline examines consortium for economic development

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East Moline aldermen will learn that there's power with numbers during Monday night's city council meeting. A proposal to join forces with Rock Island and other cities could spark economic growth.

Rock Island already knows how to find new life in old neighborhoods. Now, its concepts could also help other communities to grow and thrive.

New homes represent the future in Rock Island. Located in the 600 block of 10th Street, they offer the latest affordable solutions to qualified buyers and pride in a neighborhood that's ready for revival.

"We've seen an increase in home values," said Beth Payne, Rock Island Economic Growth Corporation. "We've definitely seen an increase in tax base in creating jobs."

That makes the River Eagle residential and retail proposal at East Moline's former CNH Global site more attractive. East Moline may join other communities to potentially tap millions of dollars from Illinois' mortgage foreclosure settlement.

"It is a lot easier when you have a united voice versus individuals all wanting their own little things," said East Moline Mayor John Thodos.

The proposal could help East Moline to make the most of its projects. These are ideas with a lot of potential that are waiting for the right opportunity.

That includes The Quarter. If East Moline joins forces with Rock Island, it could help to complete the long-awaited project.

"That's the type of money that this is geared to," said Mayor Thodos. "That's the type of money we would put to work at trying to accomplish those goals."

Goals that already are reality in parts of Rock Island. It's development that sparks other business growth.

"People who are looking to open a business in any location within the city of Rock Island will see the drastic impact of investment occurring within the neighborhood," Payne added.

Neighborhoods in Rock Island, East Moline and other cities that are starting fresh for the future.

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