Meaker to have mental fitness exam

On Friday, October 12, a Stark County judge ordered a metal fitness exam for the 19 year -old mother charged with leaving her 3-week-old daughter along a rural road for 12 hours and telling police that she was abducted.

Kendra Meaker of Toulon will appear in court November 16 when a judge could hear exam results and determine future proceedings.

Baby Mia Graci Thompson was reported abducted Thursday morning, September 27, 2012.  An Amber Alert was issued for her that morning. Authorities say Meaker eventually told Illinois State Police and FBI investigators she left the baby on a roadside. Meaker was charged with obstruction of justice and endangering the life of health of a child.

Meaker remains jailed on $100,000 bond in the Stark County jail.




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