Schilling and Bustos both pleased

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MOLINE - Both Congressman Bobby Schilling and challenger Cheri Bustos say they were pleased with the way they performed Thursday.

Both candidates were asked questions from the media afterward, with Schilling coming to the podium first. He claims that Bustos still did not lay out a budget plan to fix America's economy.

"I was so happy to get the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune because they actually got the issues on the table," Schilling said. "We can talk about working mothers and millionaires and billionaires, but we really need solutions to fixing the economy."

Schilling also said that Bustos did not answer clearly whether she was in favor of raising the debt ceiling during the debate. Afterward, Bustos said she would only be in favor of raising the debt ceiling to prevent the country from going over the 'fiscal cliff.'

"I can only address what I would do going forward," Bustos said. "I would not allow our country to be in that situation moving forward."

On the other hand, Bustos says she was successful in telling people why she's the best candidate. She also hit Schilling hard on his support of Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan's Medicare plan. She says it would cost people large sums of money who are now 54 and younger. The Ryan Medicare plan does not affect seniors who are 55 and older.

"That's something at least that Congressman Schilling has voted for that's hurtful to seniors and hurtful to the middle class," she said.

Both candidates have two more debates on October 17th in Rockford and October 25th in Peoria. Both of those areas are new to the 17th congressional district and have historically leaned to the left.