Clinton Auto Group driving force for Mill Creek Parkway development

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Mill Creek Parkway already leads the way to tourism and entertainment. Now, the Clinton beltway is becoming a gateway to economic development.

"We have some opportunities on the horizon," said Steve Howes, a Clinton-area realtor and guiding force for developing the region. "As we continue to develop good schools, good retail, people will come."

That's why employees from Clinton Auto Group are using shovels across the street from Wild Rose Casino. The site will become a $3.5 million project. They'll build a new dealership and bring some 35 jobs with it when it opens in June 2013.

"I think this area over here will build up," said Craig Miller, president of Clinton Auto Group. "It's just going to be fantastic for the community."

Clinton Auto Group will become an important anchor for this promising corridor. It's the kind of retail and residential development to spark the city and grow new jobs.

Plans to expand Mill Creek Parkway in the near future will pave the way for Illinois traffic. That will enhance business, retail and residential development.

A new middle school is in the works not far away. Shops, stores and restaurants are in place as well. Ashford University adds to the traffic flow and brain power. All of it contributes to a community. It's a community that's growing.

"The businesses will come to cater to this neighborhood once we get 20 acres of homes out here," said Bob Hilbert, a realtor with Ruhl & Ruhl.

More than a place to work and play, it's also becoming a place to live. One subdivision is sprouting just off Mill Creek Parkway. The new homes become an investment in the future.

"It's a pretty exciting time in Clinton," Howes concluded. "Pretty exciting opportunities that we have."

With room to grow, they're making the most of Mill Creek Parkway in Clinton.