Locals weigh in on Sandusky Sentencing

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Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is expected to take the stand Tuesday before his sentencing .

Sandusky is expected to state his innocence once again, even though he's been convicted of 45 counts of molestation. The court will also hear from at least two of Sandusky's victims.

"I think he should get life in prison," Moline resident Larry Sandefur said. "It's just because of what he's done to the young boys."

Sandusky could serve anywhere from 10 to 400 years in prison. It all depends on whether a judge orders him to serve all 45 counts at once or back to back. Nonetheless, many parents have tried teaching their children a lesson from the Sandusky case.

"I told my kids even before the Jerry Sandusky trial that they should know the proper ways to communicate between parents and young adults," Moline parent Sanela Karic said.

Defense attorney Joe Amendola says that Sandusky regretted not taking the stand during the trial. That is part of the reason he is expected to speak Tuesday. Nonetheless, many still say he should never be free again.

"He's so immersed in a whole string of excuses that he believes his own excuses and his own lies," Moline resident Michael Dyer said. "If he's that caught up in that, then I'll say he deserves life in prison."

In a radio interview Monday, Sandusky said, "In my heart, I know I did not do these alleged disgusting acts." Sandusky will be sentenced for molesting 10 boys over a 15 year time period. The hearing is set for early Tuesday morning.