Fire in Rock Falls Leaves Some Searching for Somewhere Else to Sleep

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Several people are searching for somewhere else to stay tonight and an area business is shutdown after a fire this morning.

The fire happened at three this morning, off West 2nd street in Rock Falls, Illinois.

“There were 10 foot flames from the roof,” says Berry Dickhut, who works right across the street.

Fire fighters believe it started on the second floor inside an apartment. The damage spread down the first floor, which is a dentist office. Everyone got out safely, but one of them had a close encounter.

“Fire fighters had to help one out the window down the ladder.

Rock Falls Fire Chief said Mother Nature wasn’t on their side today.

 "Because of the very lack of wind, smoke was very heavy and it was all over the area and didn't clear the area out so we had to deal with heavy smoke,” says Chief J.W Larson.

 Just two doors down is The Cooler bar, the owner says his business is lucky.

"A patron sent me a text saying the building next doors to ours was completely in flames,” says Rene Sotelo, The Cooler owner.

When Sotelo found out about the fire, he thought the worse.

"Thought there was going to be a lot a lot of problems for our own building,” says Sotelo.

Lucky for Sotelo, the fire didn’t spread.

"The wind happened to be coming out of the north blowing southeast kind of, away from our building so we were fortunate enough not to get any smoke damage,” says Sotelo.

Residents say they were impressed with how fast fire fighters took action.

"I just commend the emergency people that they were here quick and did a good job,” says Dickhut.

Rock Falls fire Chief says there is a lot of damage and the cause of the fire is still being investigated.