Dixon Police Search for alleged cyber bully

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Cyber bullying has become a real problem across the country but it's hitting close to home. Dixon, Illinois police and public schools say they are looking for a cyber bully.

"It's becomes just like a virus, other people start posting on there, other people start liking it, and it kind of takes off from there,” says Anthony Guadraro, Reagan Middle School’s Resource Officer.

Several Facebook pages have been made, but police want to know who’s behind the Facebook page called Secrets of the Society.

 "The basis of these sites were to depict certain individuals in a derogative manner, saying just some extremely inflammatory things,” says Guadraro.

Serena Hall and Katy Bell are both freshmen and Dixon High School and think the sites are ridiculous.

"I really just think people should mind their own business,” says Hall.

"It's kind of like you're picking on people but you're not owning up to what you're saying,” added Bell.

Police thinks it’s clearly a young person behind the page and may not realize how serious it is.  Cyberstalking in Illinois is a class four felony punishable by one to three years in prison.

"This is not going to be tolerated, definitely in our city, we will investigate this. If an arrest is warranted, one may be made,” says Guadraro.

None of the posts have made physical threats towards anyone but words are just as harmful.

"Just because you don't threaten someone with physical harm doesn't mean that you cannot put that person under emotionally distress,” says Guadraro.

 "You're making people feel bad about themselves and teens are, we go through a lot of stress already. It's just adding more,” says Bell.

Anyone commenting negative things on the page or sharing the comments could face punishment as well.