Incredible Pizza issues statement about closing

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Operators of America’s Incredible Pizza used social media to make a statement about closing the Davenport location.

The statement was posted on the Davenport location’s Facebook page at about 11 a.m. Wednesday, October 3, 2012.

The post said customers can redeem game card balances at other locations but no cash refunds would be given.  The nearest location is now in Urbandale, Iowa.

More than 50 employees worked at the Davenport location.

CEO Rick Barsness said an official statement and information about the closure would eventually be posted on the company website.

The Facebook post reads:

We love Davenport. We are grateful for the support of our customers here and have always been proud to serve them. The decision to close the Davenport location was the result of a business dispute between external forces and does not reflect our commitment to the surrounding community. Unfortunately, our hands were tied. We hope that families will come and play
with us at our other nine remaining


All customers with remaining balances on their game cards will be able to redeem them at any of our other locations, including our nearest store in Urbandale. No cash refunds will be given. Employees affected by this closing are being offered jobs at other locations.

We will be posting an official statement on our website with additional information but we wanted to make sure we let all of you know what is going on.

Rick Barsness & the rest of the AIPC Team

The Davenport location was removed from the list of locations on the company’s website. 

About an hour after that Facebook post was issued, Incredible Pizza marketing representative Suzan French issued an additional statement on behalf of America’s Incredible Pizza.  In addition to the information posted on Facebook, French offered a phone number and email address for customers with concerns about group events or game cards.  French said customers would be refunded deposits paid for group events and birthday parties.

“Customers with questions regarding deposits for group events or about game cards are asked to contact Nikki Tunnell at 417-890-1408 or email,” French said.  

Read the updated statement 10-3-12 from Incredible Pizza