Local Iowa Town Could Lose Post Office

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The U.S. Postal Service is facing major money problems... dealing with billions of dollars in losses while trying to find new ways to build revenue.

"It's convenient," says Dana Jo Smith, who sits on the Buffalo City Council. "We get our stamps and stuff there. Closing the post office is, to me, unethical and just plain wrong."

What is considered a convenience to the town of Buffalo could be next on the chopping block. Buffalo Iowa’s city council is holding a meeting Monday night for people to voice their concerns. Buffalo is the first out of 75 post offices in the Quad city area to hold a public meeting about reductions and closures.

 "It's a service that I think everyone needs, not everyone is online, we don't all have computer access, “says Buffalo resident, Michael Thiessen.

If the post office were to close, Buffalo would have to go to Bluegrass Iowa to get their mail, which is five miles away. Smith says Buffalo has a lot of senior citizens who don’t drive and getting there will be a struggle for many.

"In the winter that’s a no go, that hill gets pretty slick,” says Smith.

Thiessen couldn’t agree more.

 "I'm taking care of my mother right now, she's got pancreatic cancer and that post office is a lifeline to us, “says Thiessen.

Back in May, the U.S. Postal Service announced that 3,700 low revenue post offices could face reduced services. Right now, workers at the Buffalo Post Office work eight hours, but there's talks that it will change to six hours.

"We'll take shorter hours but we want to keep our post office, “says Smith.

For Buffalo it’s more than just a service, residents say it’s a place where the community can come together.

“It’s a meeting place for a lot of people here in town," says Thiessen.

Buffalo will talk about the issue during its city council meeting on Monday, October 1st at 7pm.

On October 18th, the U.S. Postal Service will hold a meeting at the Buffalo Post Office to go over a survey residents filled out and to answer questions.