Man charged for 2005 murder of Evelyn Miller

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The former boyfriend of Evelyn Miller’s mother has been charged with the child’s murder.

Iowa State Police investigators announced the charges at a news conference Thursday, September 27, 2012.

Evelyn Miller’s Mother, Noel Miller, reported her daughter missing July 1, 2005.  Noel told police she returned home just before 6:30 a.m. after working a night shift and discovered the little girl missing. 

Noel’s boyfriend, Casey Frederiksen, had been in the home caring for Evelyn and the couple’s two other children during those overnight hours.

Frederiksen originally told police he had last seen Evelyn at about 2 a.m.   An affidavit filed in the case says Frederiksen changed his story about what happened during the day that Evelyn disappeared.  The affidavit also said while people were searching for Evelyn the day after she was reported missing, Frederiksen traveled with a friend to Des Moines and Waterloo. 

Evelyn’s body was found by kayakers five days later in the Cedar River.

Investigators said an accumulation of information and evidence over the y ears led them to charge 33-year-old Casey Frederiksen in the case.  He is now charged with first-degree sexual abuse and first-degree murder. 

Part of the evidence police said they gathered is testimony from other inmates indicating Frederiksen had confessed to molesting Evelyn Miller and to knowing the details surrounding her death.  Frederiksen is in prison in Marion, Illinois after being convicted on federal child pornography and drug charges.  His projected release date was November 5, 2026. 

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