Hy-Vee shoppers want robberies stopped

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MILAN - Shoppers revealed their feelings Wednesday after a man robbed the American Bank and Trust inside of the Hy-Vee store.

Hy-Vee remained open during the incident. However, the American Bank and Trust has been closed ever since. Traffic still flowed in the parking lot as normal just an hour after the robbery.

"These robberies have to be stopped," shopper Stacey Atwood said. "I would say that the police really need to start investigating a little more."

Police say the man handed the teller a note which told her not to tell anyone he was demanding money. It happened around 12:45 Wednesday afternoon.

"The note implied he was in possession of a gun," Milan Police Detective Chris George said. "It also had the specific demands involving the type of money that he wanted."

Attwood was waiting in the Hy-Vee parking lot Wednesday when she heard about the news. Her daughter also works at the store. Attwood claims her daughter was also shocked when she heard that a man had robbed the bank.

"That sure doesn't put my mind at ease," Attwood said when asked how she felt about her daughter's safety.

Police surrounded the bank inside with caution tape after the incident. Police also questioned employees about the man who came to the bank.

Police are looking for a man about 6 feet tall with light brown hair in his 20's. There's also no word on why three Hy-Vee stores have been targeted in the past six weeks. Any people with suspect information are asked to contact the Milan Police Department. To see pictures of the suspect, click here.