Davenport Police say abduction report unfounded

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Davenport Police used dogs to search the area near Buchanan Elementary School after a possible abduction was reported there September 26, 2012.

Police say what started as the report of a possible abduction turned out to be an apparent case of misunderstanding. 

Police were called to the wooded area behind Buchanan Elementary School at 4515 North Fairmount Street just before noon Wednesday, September 26, 2012.

Initial reports indicated children playing on the school playground reported seeing a man take a girl into the woods behind the school.  Police later said a student reported seeing a man near the edge of the playground and that the man was possibly armed with a weapon. 

The school was immediately locked down and remained on lockdown for about a half-hour.

Police and law enforcement dogs searched the area and found no indication of anything suspicious.  It was possible that the people the children saw were residents who live in a nearby trailer. 

Police said they accounted for all children and none were missing.