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New iPhone 5 is here

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It is September 21st and you know what that means?  The new iPhone 5 is here and many couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.  About 20 people camped out in front of the Verizon Store in Southpark Mall to get the newest phone.

“I got here about 7:00 am when they opened the doors,” customer Milo Perez said.

Store manager, Jeff Wagenkinecht says the new phone is living up to it’s hype.

“It has a new 4 in retina display so it’s still high quality screen.”  Wagenkinect says, “It has a new A6 processor and the most important thing is it is on our 4G-lte network so the internet speed is 10 times faster than before.”

The last iPhone was just released less than a year ago but Wagenkinect says regardless of how often an iPhone comes out people always want the newest one.

"We have had a few people that have just purchased the last one just about 4 or 5 months ago and wanted to get the latest and greatest.” He says, “They’ll pay the higher price; the full retail for the phone.”

The new iPhone has a retail value of $650 to $850.

The AT&T Store at Southpark also had a line of about 15 people this morning before the stores opened.